Presentations & Tools

Scientific Presentations

By Paola Pinilla:
Discs to Planets, Ringberg meeting, Sep 2019
AG 2019, Sep 2019
Königstuhl Colloquium, Sep 2019
Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium, Nov 2019. Video available in this link.
Building blocks of Planets, April 2020
DIAS Star Formation Seminar, May 2020
Colloquium at New Mexico State University, Oct 2020
5 Years of HLTau Conference, Dec 2020. Video available in this link.

Other Presentations

Ethics in Astrophysics
Imposter Syndrome Workshop
Work-Life Balance and Healthy Collaborations
Career Paths in Astronomy
Research of Paola Pinilla in Spanish. Video available in this link.

News and Podcasts

Some articles about Paola's career: CNN, El Tiempo, Bepow, Uniandes, and El Espectador.
How do you form a planet? from the DKFZ newsletter, December 2020.
Podcast El misterio de la formación planetaria, with Ricardo García.
Hablemos del Universo, planetario de Bogotá.
The astronomer and Science Communicator Martha Irene Saladino made a calendar to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021. Her aim is to show the diversity of women in astronomy and space science, to inspire girls to pursue STEM careers. The calendar is here in English or in Spanish.